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Floor Refinishing

Maintaining your hardwood floors adds beauty and value to your living space. Even with routine maintenance, a wood floor may occasionally need a new coat of finish.

Often deep scratches or worn spots are created due to high levels of foot traffic. This results in the need to have the floor sanded to the bare wood. With over 25 years of serving the Yuba-Sutter and surrounding areas, Birdwell Bros. has the experience necessary to professionally refinish your floor.

Perhaps you have changed the décor of your living space. We can provide several options of stains to lighten or darken your floor surface. In addition, we can provide an oil or water-based finish to complete a refinished floor.

Refinishing a hardwood floor is difficult, and should be performed by a professional. Birdwell Bros. is your local “Hardwood Flooring Specialists”. Contact us for a free estimate!

These are a few of our projects: